Fitbit Alta Fitness Tracker

You may have come across several fitness tracking equipments, good looking watches and wrist gadgets, but the one we are going to discuss about now is one-of-a-kind and rated to be one of the best fitness gadgets of the year 2016. This revolutionary fitness wristband is one of the must have items for all those fitness enthusiasts out there. When it comes to fitness, motivation is one of the key factors because proper motivation will lead to strict fitness practice, which in turn will enable the user to stay fit under all circumstances. There are plenty of fitness trackers, and in the case of this particular tracker, you will be able to establish a fashion statement as well.

Fitbit Alta does look like a conventional fitness tracker, but the company has modernized this product by offeringFitbit Alta several customizable colors and elements. Leather type, metal type, different color schemes, etc. are some of the designs offered for Fitbit Alta. It is one of the most stylish Fitbit fitness trackers in the market and there is no denying this fact. Some of the premium models of Fitbit Alta come in different styles like graphite leather, stainless steel, pink leather, etc. and some of the usual color schemes include blue, black, plumb and teal. All these colors will be a perfect attribute to your fashion statement.

Fitbit Alta tracks your all day activities like steps, calories burnt, distance covered, stationary time, activity time, etc. and this will enable you to track and monitor your lifestyle. The device will allow you to stay active all day long by giving you reminders to move and will even appreciate and celebrate your performance. Smart Track tool automatically tracks your activity which will help you stay on track in terms of fitness.

Slim OLED display works seamlessly and you can simply tap on it to get notifications, time and stats. Call, text and calendar alerts are also available. It has a long battery life of 5 full days running in a single charge.

Buy this perfect fitness gift for your friend for just $119 on Amazon. Just go through FitBit website to know more about the product.

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