Now it’s time for smart pillow!

If you are someone that needs music to fall asleep, without the mess created by your earphones, or if you have a partner that snores during sleep, the ZEEQ smart pillow is what both of you need. This specially designed pillow will completely transform the way you sleep, and will be suitable for any kind of sleeper.

ZEEQ PillowThe ZEEQ smart pillow is incorporated with REM-Fit Audio, which basically allows the user to listen to their favorite music at night without disturbing their sleeping partner or having to deal with tangled earphones. As the pillow is design to work with Android and iOS, music can be streamed wirelessly through the speakers inside the pillow. In addition, the user can also choose to listen to custom sounds using the ZEEQ app.

An additional, extremely useful feature of ZEEQ is the snore alarm. There is a motion sensor and microphone in the pillow which basically record snoring, and when the sensor hears snoring, the pillow will vibrate gently encouraging the sleeper to change to a new sleeping position. The pillow also records the natural sleep movements of the user and will wake them up at the right moment, so there will not be tired mornings, which will be extremely beneficial for office goers.

In addition to being smart, the pillow is also designed to be comfortable. It comes with a pillow case that can be removed and washed easily. The ZEEQ smartphone app, along with displaying a person’s Snore Score and other sleep data, also helps track the person’s physical activities, diet, and other habits that could influence their sleep.

So, whether it is you that needs this pillow, or you know someone that would benefit a lot with its features, you can pledge for the ZEEQ pillow now on Kickstarter starting from $179 and receive it by the month of December.

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