Latest Fashion Style: Filson Smokey Bear Watch

This year the Filson brand has come out with the most special and treasured outdoorsmen, which is nothing but the limited edition latest fashion style Smokey Bear Watch. The individually numbered watches are boxed up through a wide range of collections of the Smokey bear goods.


Every single watch comes out by the certificate of authenticity, also the book that will tell you about the story of Smokey as well as the Filson’s relationship with the out-of-doors, this quality Filson Smokey Bear Watch timepiece is assembled at Detroit at Shinola Watch Factory, then reaches in a tradition Smokey box escorted by a book, then reimagined six postcards, antiquated Smokey pictures or posters also as said earlier the certificate of authenticity, these are the full collection of Smokey or Filson goods.Merely you could preclude wildfires.

Then only the Filson Smokey Bear Watch offers you the endless prompt of that all through the day. The Watch case measures about 43mm, which is been made out of rugged stainless steel, also paired mutually through a rugged and elegant leather strap. The stainless steel case presented in the watch holds the brass OPVD plating along with the argonite 715 quartz movement. You can find the image of the Smokey that appears in the tan of the forest green dial, alongside by the aforementioned reminder, together 12- an hour and 24- hour needle markers in addition to the outer seconds or the minute’s ring.


It is independently numbered moreover the watch is now limited to an edition of just only 1000 pieces. Furthermore, the watch is scratch resilient through the sapphire crystal. It can be used for everyday purpose, travel and field work. The limited edition watch is available at website for the price of $1,000 USD. Maybe it would not help you to prevent fires however it will for sure look great on your stylish wrist.

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