Evapolar Tiny Personal Air Conditioner that makes your Desk Stylish

Evapolar is advertised to be the world first personal air conditioner. It cools at the same time humidifiers also cleans the air fashioning your local ideal microclimate. You can relish in the eco-friendly and liveliness effectual evaporative climate technologies right away through Evapolar. Generate your private microclimate to enjoy decisive coziness precisely while you requisite it and wherever you want it!

It has a cube shape design were the measure is about 6.7″/17 cm side and can be placed at any of the flat surfaces that make your environment cool enough. Also at the same time, it does another superior feature that the air conditioner is that it purifies then humidifies the space.


Not like the other traditional air conditioner which will make use of mildly toxic refrigerant gases like Freon to generate a robust flow of cool dry air. There is an efficient plug-in the element which makes use of the evaporative nano substances instead of this Freon or else other toxic coolants that will decrease the temperature to 15 degrees. The Evapolar competes with the natural air cooling process by employing good ol’ water then paper-thin evaporative substances.

The System features a removable water tank that holds 25 oz/750 ml of water. Also, every 6-8 hours this tank needs to be refilled. Further, this plugs into a usual power grid otherwise the power bank through a USB, for your convenient portability. You will acquire the desired own private climate to an area of about 13 ft²/4 m², through a maximum temperature decreasing to the level of almost 59 °F/15 °C. And you will net need any screw to fix around or the heavy lifting process. It put away simply 10W, thus you are moreover saving our Earth too.


Are you afraid you might catch a cold? Don’t worry since Evapolar involves only natural cooling process you will not catch a cold rather generating a cold air thread. Besides all this, it makes the personal climate hale and hearty to your skin and hair. Thus Evapolar saves your energy in turn that saves your money as well. Catch your fresh Evapolar and delight in with the personal cool plus healthy microclimate.

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