Stay Fit and Connected with FitBit Blaze

Fitbit Blaze1

FitBit Blaze is a style statement that lets you stay fit, connected and stylish at the same time. As a matter of fact, this is the perfect alternative for all those looking for an alternative to the Apple Watch and other such products. FitBit Blaze is ultimately a fitness watch that will guide the person wearing it in monitoring and improving his or her fitness regime. There are some exciting features incorporated in this gadget and that makes it more special and attractive for the user.

There may be several fitness watches available in the market, but this gadget definitely packs a punch in all aspects. External features of it include a color touch screen, customizable clock, variety of frames and bands. This will give great flexibility in terms of creating a style element.

FitBit Blaze also lets users stay connected and workout in an effective manner with the help of the notification capabilities. Notification feature of Blaze fitness watch is capable of providing alerts on calls, texts, and even calendar. Now let us look into the most crucial feature of them all, FitStar.

FitStar fitness subscription service of FitBit Blaze works effectively and is super friendly. This fitness watch from FitBit comes with revolutionary features such as heart rate tracker and on-screen workouts. Music control is available and it supports multi sports feature. Multi Sport mode lets users choose from different sports modes like running, cardio, biking, etc. All day sleep and physical activity will be monitored real time. Users can make use of the connected GPS feature offered by this smart watch to connect to their phone. Run routes can be mapped using this device and likewise users can also see statistical data relating to time duration and pace of their run.

Auto Sleep tracking and silent alarms that are incorporated in FitBit Blaze add some of the essential tools to the lives of individuals. Get rest, stay healthy, workout properly, and stay connected and stylish with FitBit Blaze. This will also make a perfect gift for the fitness enthusiasts you know.

Buy FitBit Blaze for just $175 on Amazon or you can even buy the product from the official website of FitBit Blaze. Check out this website to know more about the product and the features that you get.

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