Sony’s Bluetooth Glass Speaker Enhances Mood to your Music and Place

Carry the heaven wherever you desire, by the lenient light plus amazingly rich sound of this Bluetooth speaker; fashioned to amalgam flawlessly into your atmosphere.

Recently Sony has established an attractive pretty looking cylindrical Bluetooth Glass speaker that will enhance the feel and atmosphere to almost every place. The height of the Bluetooth glass speaker is just merely to a wine bottle and is nearly the same diameter. On the top the speaker you can notice a vibrating membrane where that pumps the sound waves in the downward direction towards the glass tube and it out by the opening kept at the bottom. The sound is emitted almost in mutual amplitude to all the direction through the glass tube tweeter.

Sony's Bluetooth Glass Speaker 2

The interesting part of the Speaker is that the Sony Brand as placed a handful of LEDs on the center of the Glass tube that permit the speaker to duple by means of a mood light. However, the light will not interact with the music played yet the brightness of the Led can be managed by the speaker otherwise with the help of a compatible smartphone app. You can even control the volume of the speaker by the app. Moreover, it will not appear like other such kind speaker. This is entirely for a purpose. This Sony Glass Sound Speaker is intended to offer music as well as lighting to your succeeding gathering.

Sony's Bluetooth Glass Speaker 4

The elusive design tone stunningly through whichever interior, however flawlessly covering where the sound is travelling from. You revel in the dominant midrange by the inbuilt 2″ woofer. Acquire the deep bass frequencies by the transparent flaccid radiator. The Bluetooth speaker offers you the crystal clear sound from all the direction and the music will provide the sound as if it is played in front of you but might be you are somewhere else. It holds an elegant design where the glass sound speaker is styled with the lesser number of buttons and inputs, to give a gorgeous modest finish.

Sony's Bluetooth Glass Speaker 3

Not like the other standard speaker, the Glass Sound Speaker could be located on the table or else wherever you like. Relish rich sound through the dimmable, kindly LED that imitates a lamp or the candle. The life of the battery id 4 hours in the battery mode otherwise you can plug in for long lasting listening. If you wish to listen in stereo or else double mode then connect two speakers and enjoy since the inbuilt woofer is about 50 mm that offers you the great midrange. The Bluetooth glass speaker is exclusively available in MoMA store.

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