Six Shooter Gun Cylinder Pen Holders

It is always said that the pen is always mightier than that of the sword; however, it is not sure that how BIC could fare beside the loaded handgun. This Gun cylinder pen holder is resembled to be the sign which your words implies business. This accessory of cast aluminum desk can hold up to six or else more of the writing weapons yet depend on upon its size. The Six Shooter Gun Cylinder Pen Holder is the pleasant tiny work table or space accoutrement to the chap who is serious about his work that is deadly severe.

Gun Cylinder Pen Holders 2

In case you hold a messy desk then simply need an object to attract others by it then you must need Six Shooter Gun Cylinder Pen Holder. Furthermore, this is the perfect and ideal choice to gift someone. The pen holder is the metal holder that is about a weight a hefty 1 pound and that happened to be sculpted upon a six bullet revolver cylinder form model.

This Six Shooter Gun Cylinder Pen Holder holds a six chamber that can easily place your pen which in turn that can also be used as an effective paper weight. The highlight of the appearance is the show off like the cylinder of a replica of a revolver. This reflection of the revolver of the pen holder is made out of the solid aluminum. Gun owners, as well as admirers, would, without the doubt, raise the value of the aluminum cylinder decorating upon the desks.

Gun Cylinder Pen Holders4

The dimension of the paper weight is about 3.5″ x 2.75″ in diameter whereas the dimension per cylinder (that is a single chamber) is nearly 0.75″ diameter x 3.4″. In addition to for persons who are suffering by the co-employees absconding by your precious lovable writing gears, we ponder they would consider twice when the Gun Cylinder Pen Holder is placed on your desk.

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