Samsung Serif is the new 4K television with part artwork

In past recent years, the development in television industry has been witnessed on a tremendous scale with various tech giants from across the globe competing to offer the best piece of video technology to its viewers. Companies are looking forward to give its users larger and optimised screen size with best screen resolution and better viewing angles.

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However, apart from the time you are watching movie, the television box just looks like a piece of plastic box with no utility. Samsung is planning to change this notion by changing your television screens to frame designs that look like a piece of artwork. To bring this design difference to their televisions, Samsung has teamed with Parisian designers Erwan and Ronan Bourouellec. This new profile is same as the “I” printed in serif font adding up some bulk. This 40inch model weighs 12.5 kgs which is much higher than the conventional 40inch models available in the market.


The back of the uniquely designed television consist of a blind so that it can be even placed at a distance from the wall such that it does not show up the cords from its three HDMI and two USB ports on its back. The good thing is it also offers compatibility with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

The 4K Samsung Serif comes with four slim legs in the box packing but it can also be put on a table or shelf just like a frame of art. The art theme is further extended to the remote for the television as well.When you turn off the TV, it does not actually turn off but transmit into what the designers actually call as the Curtain Mode. This mode basically acts as a semitransparent screen saver which gives your television the feel of art.


The television features a UHD screen with 3840 x 2160 resolution for improved brightness and color. Other functionality includes smooth and fast browsing through the Smart TV menu just like all other Samsung televisions. The 40 inch model will be available in US markets from next month of August at a price of $1499.

Source: Samsung

Image Courtesy: gizmag

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