Premium Aurum Brothers Luxury Bracelets Exclusive for Men

It is rare to have awesome bracelets collections for the men’s. These stylish supreme quality type bracelets, however, should not be crazy costly. So that is the reason this Netherland based brand Aurum Brothers have said and created their “Men’s luxury Bracelet” ($89+). Still now judging through the positive reviews, they have made a creation that is really killing doing it. The bracelet is completely made out of gorgeous, lavish grade-A natural gemstones.


Furthermore, they have included the Lava stones in them, bright blue Lapis Lazuli, Obsidian and Hematite stones. The precious feature is they have used the tiger eye which is been cast off from the ancient civilization to their possessions. These bracelets feature exclusive deep colors in it, shiny bends giving an amazing look and perfection as well as a great dose of style and elegance. Every single piece is comprised with the “anchor bead” that is been made out through 925 oxidized silver, that in turn swaps the “typical” light colored plus its glossy surface into a rich dark mannish shade.


Moreover, certain stylish models pretend handmade silver beads, or else the 24-karat gold-roofed also through a same lavish too thick coating that would be three times much more than that of the standard present in another niche. Then you will also have silver beads embedded style of models. The whole lot is retained altogether by extraordinary resiliency flexible silicone kind cording. This gives you a comfortable stretch also they are scratch resistant, however, it is been greatly watched for their comfort.


All the models are exclusively printed by their Aurum Brother logo to offer a stunning look. There are various models widely available; to look at the models and design you can visit their aurum brother’s website to have a look at their spectacular collection. Some models have their amazing wavy detail patterns that can be obtained merely through the higher level of their craftsmanship.

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