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If you are a coffee lover and love that instant shot of caffeine to pump you with the adrenaline and zeal to get back to work, here is a great news for you. FUSE is now there to help you to offer the best coffee intervals. FUSE is a small portable device that helps you make instant espressso on-the-go. The great thing about FUSE is that it helps you make coffee right from the very starting process of crushing the coffee beans. This means that the instantaneous powder created retains all the essential aroma and retains the strong flavour as it is.

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The idea of making FUSE first struck CEO Kenneth Chai, when he was working as a petroleum engineer in distant fields of rural Asia. There was always a lack of electricity, clean drinking water and coffee that could help him survive for long hours of work with the same enthusiasm. This is when, he took it to himself to innovate a better idea of creating the modular FUSE espresso.

FUSE operates with a hand-press action and consist of a manual plunger that can transform the hot water into espresso. The user can easily exert a pressure of 5-6 bar or 73-87 psi just after which the release valve will send the espresso cascading into the cup. Here the press module can be used in individual provided that already have the ground coffee. But if you are willing to start from crushing the coffee beans, you need to have the burr grinder attachment. It is secured over the coffee chamber making it sure that the coffee falls right into the place.

You can remove the grinder then, assemble again the press and brew your fresh espresso. FUSE aims to help all the coffee lovers across the globe and is currently working on a milk frother module which is supposed to be a cup with a built-in battery module for spin-action foamer.

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The idea of the cup is that espresso falls directly into in during simultaneous working of the spin-action foamer. The frother is currently in its beta stage of development. Other battery powered modules that fuse is currently said to be working upon is an electric press and electric grinder.

FUSE is currently going through an Indiegogo campaign and you can pledge your support where you will get a brewing module for as low as $42. Other packages include the frother besides this. Visit the Indiegogo website for more details.

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