Dimo is the new light plunging lamp that helps you control brighteness


You must have heard of a plunger that helps you squeeze the juice out of your fruit, but light? Well, yes!! Dimo is a new table lamp, that helps you plunge the light and control the brightness around you. This even means that you can just turn on and off the light of your side lamp just by the plunging mechanism.

The makes of the lamp have recently launched a project on KickStarter naming it as the Dimo lamp and the makers claim to have made it by being inspired from the medical syringe mechanism. The concept is simple, though very uniquely implemented. The Dimo lamp consist of a plastic wood that is placed between two discs of beech wood. A plunger then extends down from the center of the top disc. As the plunger is pressed down, the light gets compressed and eventually as the plunger reaches the bottom it finally turns off.


In the reverse plunger movement, i.e. from the bottom to the top, the lights fills the plastic tube as it is raised. The plunger is finely designed not to allow any light to pass through it .

Note that here the plunging action will not change the intensity of LED light fixed at the bottom disc, but then it does allow you to control the height and in return the brightness of the light in the surrounding table or other place where the lamp is placed.


dimo-lamp-4 dimo-lamp-5

The Dimo lamp comes in two different operational styles. One is where the up and down movement of the plunger takes places through the pull and push action and the other design consist of a plunger with a corkscrew movement. Here the plunger handles are customisable in three color options of red, white and yellow or in the form of simple lacquer.

If you are really interested for this project, you can pledge your support on KickStarter and get the Dimo lamp for an early price of 47GBP. The Dimo Lamps are expected to be shipped in the month of February 2017 next year.

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Image Courtesy: gizmag

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