The World Smallest Insta360 Nano Panomaric VR Camera

This Insta360 is a tiny cute spherical camera that is fashioned to turn out your smartphone into the panoramic device. This smart gadget can be straight away attached to your smartphone that helps you to take spherical photos as well you can take 360-degree videos in actual time. The size is really about a length of the finger and when coming to the weigh it is not more than or less 3 ounces. This Insta360 Nano Panoramic Camera stands to be the one among the best tiniest as well as very lighter 360° cameras all around the market.


By means of two lenses, this world’s cute and tiniest VR spherical camera that captures pictures trough a resolution of 3040×1520 for images then 30fps video. It also holds the 64GB of Micro SD storage into it. Hold on the Insta360 Nano camera into your iPhone which will permit you to the 360° live stream on your Facebook, also YouTube or else further well-matched social media networks. In case if you don’t have the VR setup done already to actually work together through your content, then camera’s packing bends into the cardboard VR rig.

It furthermore comes out with a classic virtual reality glasses thus you can live through again your overall experience. Then additional it features distinct free software that will help you in managing the videos and photos effectively. This compact VR camera with its exquisite style and design is made out of a high-end quality aluminum alloy that is very much perfect for concert, marriage, party, film production, press conference, party and much more. This Gadget really offers you the true 360-degree experience and worth for the money. Smaller in size but provides you bigger advantages.


The Insta360 Nano would be your ideal camera for taking the 360 selfie. Since you can use it that very easy and you would be able to shoot photos or else videos from whichever place as well as at any time. Even though you are a newbie to this gadget, you would be easily able to share your experience through every single angle. Presently the Insta360 is available for the pre-order and also would be released by the end of July month.

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