Cyclotron lights are a futuristic approach for cycling


These days modern biking is taking a more futuristic approach towards things by focusing on more efficiency, better performance and light weight designs in place. Cyclotron has arrived with a new concept for hubless carbon creation completely with a lighting fit and gives the bike a complete revolutionised makeover.

Knowing a bit about its construction, the team working behind the bike says the light-weight core structure is wrapped with a space-grade carbon sandwich thereby making less carbon layers and resin without compromising on its overall strength and stability.


The design shows that the solid polymer airless tyres come without any spokes attached to it. Cyclotron aims to use this instead for for cargo or children. The current range of accessories for these utility slots include shopping basket and a snap-in child seat.

This sci-fi bike comes with a futuristic power train and additional 12 to 18 speed manual setups.  Also for automatic transmission, there is an electronic sequential gearbox. This gearbox can work in both conditions standstill and and even full load with the gear shift times of less than 0.2 seconds. These sci-fi bikes along with the electronic gearbox are said to weighing 11.6kg which is 100 grams heavier then the manual 12 speed version. and 200 grams then the 18 speed version.


This concept bike is very suitable to drive even in dark light conditions as sensors will automatically activate the LED wheel halos and laser line display putting enough lights for the better visibility of roads ahead. This power comes from the in-built lithium-ion battery that is charged through a dynamo. However, the battery can also be charged from a wall socket as well.

All the above functionality can be triggered by using the Bluetooth Cyclo App, that works and co-ordinates with 10 Bluetooth sensors installed in different parts of the bike. The app will learn your riding habits and give fully automatic electronic gear shifting through the app itself, whereas for manual shifts, the app gives the suggestions for the up-down gear shifts.

The app can even record your data like calories burnt and notifications to power up your bike. However, these facilities come at an subscription of 11 EUR per month. Also, users can have GPS tracking enabled to trace the bike in case its stoled at an charge of EUR 3 per month.

The project has already surpassed it goal of raising EUR 50,000 and still you can avail this geeky bike at some exclusive price by visiting the KickStarter page. Take a look at the images below in order to under various functionalities and the concept in a better way.

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Source: Cyclotron


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