Olive robotic is the new intelligent suitcase that carries you along with the itself

Travelling becomes hectic and tiresome when you have to carry piles of loads and baggage along with you to distant locations. Also with long distance between switching terminals of your airport during air travel, it becomes quite cumbersome to carry your bags. Some smart optimised solutions have been designed foldable scooters or putting the smart features in your bags so that they follow the user’s smartphone.

Olive has tried to combine both these functionality into one robotic suitcase. The Olive robotic is the new intelligent suitcase that aims to help travellers to get rid of their problems of carrying suitcase. The smart suitcase is built by Iran based Ikap Robotics that comes with self-balancing auto-locomation system to maintain the stability by using of gyroscopes and 3D accelerometers. The smart suitcase consist of a built-in stereoscopic camera to create a visual map of its surrounding. Using skeleton tracking algorithm, the Olive suitcase will be able to perfectly track its owner even in crowded environments.



The Olive suitcase has got a in-built scale to measure and warn the user in case of excess weight. Its other smart functionalities include reminders and tell the owner to hurry in case time is short. In case the checkout gate is far, the Olive intelligent suitcase can even carry you wherein a pair of footrest unfolds near the heels turning the suitcase into a Segway-like vehicle and carry the owner at an walking pace to the desired destination.

Olive can connect to the owner’s smartphone over the Wi-Fi or through Bluetooth and the user can have a full control on the suitcase via an app. Through the app, users can even trace the bag through 3G/4G technology or through GPS. Moreover, the bag has got some other smart features of lock/unlock in case it remains unattended for long time. The lock works on NFC and hence you don’t need keys always to operate it.

To make this useful product commercially available to the customers, the company is currently seeking investments and trying to collaborate with other partners for the same.

Source: Ikap Robotics

Image Courtesy: Gizmag

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