The Classic Military Style Altimeter Table Clocks

This Altimeter would be your perfect desktop timekeeper for the purpose of aerophiles. These table or desktop clocks which are cast with aluminum and brass are created upon the design of that of altitude meters by the WWII fighter jets. The Altimeter Table Clocks holds and fashions firm brass screws having a rugged shape design. This clock would really convey fighter pilot accuracy for our desk.


Based on altimeters by the WWII aircraft from its firm brass screws as well as the rugged shape, this desk clock brings the fighter pilot fashion precision to your desk. The clock’s trustworthy dial will hold those remnants of the sub dial which shows the altitude of per 1000 feet, whereas the chief hands will show the altitude of per 10 and 100 feet. Along with that, it tells you the time. (Now certain models shows only the time probably you will not require the altitude of the bedroom).

This would be really the clear nod for the altitude meters that is positioned inside the cockpits of a WWII aircraft, the 5″ Altimeter table or desk clock will offer the style of the old school military atmosphere and feel to whichever place that you put this clock in.


The desktop clock is finished over with bulky brass screws that are constructed to imitate the style of an instrument that is common in the WWII-era planes. The Altimeter Table Clocks is available in two distinct styles, the Altimeter Table Clock stares extremely further badass than an LED clock by the RadioShack that you would have been making using for these last two decades. This is actually considered to be the unique aeronautical accessory that is very much fashionable also it is equally functional. But the sad thing the product is currently on out of stock, however, you can keep an eye on the online shopping store the Cool Material shop for the restock soon.

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