Volant headphones come with a 3-in-1 functionality.

A London based new innovative tech startup has recently launched a project on the famous crowdfunding website Kickstarter called as the Volant Sound. The startup has arrived with a new 3-in-1 headphones called as Volant which lets user use the same headphones as normal earphones, Bluetooth headphones and wired headphones offering high definition sound.

Volant HeadphonesVolant Earphones

This gives users the flexibility to easily switch between 3 different audio pieces as per their convenience. In order to convert it from a earphone to a headphone, just place the earphones in the headphone shell and the audio signal will then transmit into the nodes in the 40mm speakers in the over-ear headphones.

The Volant earphones comes with a passive noise cancellation technique in order to produce better audio quality. However, it is still unclear whether the same functionality is also being passed on to the headphones.

Screen Shot 2016-07-07 at 1.03.45 PM

The third and the most important feature of the headphones is the wireless Bluetooth feature of the headphones. The headphones are made of Aluminium will a layer of leather comfort and the ear cushions of memory foam. The headphones come with 40 dynamic features with a frequency response of 20Hz to 20KHz. For wireless operations, it features an built-in battery of 300mAh offering 10 hours of continuous Bluetooth usage. The battery can be completely recharged in just 2 hours through a micro USB cable.

The startup also claims that in case if Apple removes the 3.5mm audio jack in future, then it would also offer a free of charge lightening USB cable.

You can visit the KickStarter website for more details and pledge some amount early with several offers available giving the headphones at a discounted rate .


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