Meet the new easily portable Noria Smart Air Conditioner

The world is quickly moving towards the new latest concept famously known as Internet of Things (IoT). With cloud computing and data gaining a lot of importance these days the aim for IoT is to infuse smart functionality for all the electrical appliances of the homes commonly referred to as a SmartHome. Specifically, IoT ensure the wireless operations of your devices over the widely available wireless communication protocols like the Wi-Fi and ZigBee and lets users remotely control the appliances via a smartphone or other smart devices.

Noria installation 2

One of the major challenges for the conventional window air conditioners available today in the market is that they are too bulky to handle and deal with especially when it comes to their maintenance. This portable smart air conditioner from Noria is beautifully designed and packed in a compact size reducing the overall size by 40% to that of the conventional air-conditioners. Moreover the design team has ensured that the engineering challenges are not compromised and the ventilation system is very efficient and quiet.

A single Noria unit is efficient enough to cover a 10′ x 16′ rooms or two units combined can easily cool a 330 sqft room area. The additional benefits to the window air conditioner is that Noria direct the air in the upward direction to the ceiling ensuring no hot spots are created. Also the Noria Smart Air Conditioner comes with a fresh air mode that ensures better flow of fresh air in the room.

Noria installation 1

The Noria air conditioner unit comes with a frame window adapter that makes it easy to install without any need for an expert. During the winters, when you no more need it for months together, you can simple pack it in a suitcase kind of box and keep it in a safe location.

The user interface is quiet easy as you can set the desired temperature with the simple telescopic movement of your thermostat know. Additionally you can also control the temperature via Bluetooth through your Android or iOS apps. The application settings are pretty easy and you can even set various schedules for the same.

Noria Android + iOS

Noria has currently passed though its goals of raising sufficient funds through Kickstarter and Indiegogo campaigns and has received tremendous response pre-launch. Visit the above links to get more information and better idea regarding this smart device. You can pre-order it from these websites at a special price. The delivery is expected to be around in mid 2017.


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