Bagel Labs comes up with a all-in-one tape to measure almost anything


Over the years, for measuring accurate dimensions of different sized and different shaped objects has been a challenging task. Although measuring tapes for different shapes are available in the market, they are still intended for a specific purpose only. What if a single tape can measure object of any shape? Doesn’t that sound interesting?

Bagel Labs has arrived with a smart new tape solution for your question. Yes! a single Bagel tape can measure objects of various different shapes. The Bagel tape can be used for several applications and features three different types of modes. Additionally the device has got a digital display which gives accurate reading of the measure.


In the String mode just works like a conventional tape. Just pulling it out, the bright digital display will give you the distance measured and the switching between measuring units like inches and centimetres is as simple as tapping a button.


In the special Wheel mode you can measure surfaces or irregular shapes wherein the Bagel Tape rolls over the surface you have to measure.


The last is the remote mode which makes use of the laser pointer and the ultrasonic sensor in order to calculate the distance from the object.

TheBagel tape comes with a lithium-polymer battery baked within and a USB complete charge could help it last to function for a period of 8 long hours. The good thing is that users can save the measurement in the memory, in both the imperial and  metric. Users can also record voice memos for 100 different measurements and can be stored at one place. These memos can later be converted to text.

Once the user has recorded the measurement memos, he/she can send it to the Bagel smartphone Android/iOS app over the Bluetooth. The smart tape from Bagel Labs is getting funded through a Kickstarter campaign and available for a discounted price of $59 pre launch. After launch in November, it is likely to be available for a price of $89.

Sources: Bagel Labs

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