Hypersphere is new muscle loosening device from Hyperice


One of the foremost and the major important things for athletes is to keep the soft muscles of the body loose before and after they get engaged any kind of intense physical activities. While intense physical activities can provide strain on your soft tissues making them stiff, you need to provide utmost attention to keep them loose and flexible in order to prevent any kind of muscle cramps.

There are various balls and rollers available in the market, which when rubbed against the soft tissue portions of your body helps you loosen the muscles. Hypersphere is a similar new device from Hyperice that makes use of the high frequency vibrations of its core helping athletes loose their muscles like a goose.

From the usability point of view, Hypersphere is very handy and you need to press it against important body regions like back, shoulders, hips, feet and glutes. The spherical design of the device makes it easy for a back and forth action. This massaging action offers the required flexibility to your muscles adding up to the the essential therapeutic effect.


As per Hyperice, the use of this rubber coated devices will help not only loosen up the muscles but also help in making them longer. Because of this, the soft tissues will get the proper range of motion and enough flexibility. The device will also increase the circulation helping you accelerate the warm-up process before any kind of intense physical activity. Hyperice also recommends to use this device after your exercise in order to reduce muscle stiffness and soreness.

The Hypersphere runs on a rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery offering two hours of complete usage over 1.5 hours of charging. It weighs just 2.5 Lbs or 1Kg. Hypersphere comes with three different intensity settings for different intended use. The USP of the device is the high frequency vibration that ensures uniform flexibility to all areas of your tissues.

You can buy the Hypersphere at a  reasonable cost of $149. Visit the official website for more details and check-out the availability in your region.

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