HyperSound Transparent Glass speakers from Turtle Beach you need to know about


Turtle Beach has recently announced its transparent new glass speakers based on the HyperSound technology. These are first of its kind speakers which offer directional noise to the target audience. There is no cone, no coil, no dust cover, but just a rectangular transparent glass setup.

The HyperSound Glass from Turtle Beach consist of several layers of thin transparent films that are capable of generating a narrow ultrasound i.e. a high frequency sound and deliver the sound to the target audience without disturbing others. Since the transparent glass speakers are capable of capturing the ultrasound, the audio is inaudible outside the target area and even imperceptible in short distance. Take a look at the video below in order to get a better idea of this technology.

In order to generate this focused beam of ultrasound, Turtle Beach makes use of the HyperSound software technology which has already been commercialised by the company but without glass. Turtle Beach claims that the sound generated by this technology is capable of travelling longer distances as compared to traditional loud speakers.

The company claims that the HyperSound technology could easily be integrated into various monitors, automotive dashboards, desktop speakers, and thus deliver focused sound to the target listeners. As of for now the company doesn’t plan to build any products based on the HyperSound technology exclusively by itself, but is likely to license it to other manufacturers.

However, the company says that the technology is still is progress and need to be tuned better before making it available to the commercial market. But from the prototype released by the company, it seems that it nearing to the launch date.

Source: Turtle Beach

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