The tricks behind Microsoft’s Magic Mirror

Microsoft Magic Mirror

Recently in the tech community, the concept of smart mirror is the most talked after. Earlier this year in March, Computing tech giant – Microsoft demoed its own Magic Mirror at a build conference. Now the company has come up open with the tricks behind making a Magic Mirror, specially for those who like to do their own DIY work and help them build their own.

The Magic Mirror design from Microsoft consists of an LCD display behind the one-way mirrored glass. With this design concept, one can see their reflection along with the underlying display.

Once the setup is achieved, the Magic Mirror can display various information like date, time, stocks, weather and even traffic information. The design is done such that the displayed information is not intrusive to your reflection in the mirror. Most of the details appear at the top of the mirror while the less urgent of them are placed down. Also, users get a short greeting at the center of the image which quickly disappears letting you use it as a normal mirror.

Microsoft Magic Mirror Layout

The excellent thing about the smart Mirror is that it can even recognise your face and bring up your profile with a customised layout of your profile showing up things you have deemed important. The Mirror can have multiple profiles personalised for every member of your family.

The machine brain behind this concept of the Magic Mirror is Raspberry Pi 3 that runs the Hosted Web App on Windows 10 app on IoT Core.

The details for the proper installation of things in the Magic Mirror can be found on Microsoft’s GitHub repository. Currently, it can be said about when will the product be available in the commercial segment.

Source: Microsoft

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