The Sleek looking Smart Watch, Skagen Connected Hagen Watch

Recently Skagen has come with lots of wearables, the leading of that will be a smartest Skagen Connected Hagen Watch also an activity tracker in the style of Hagen. Skagen, that is the Danish design company which is possessed by the Fossil Group, is the hottest brand to release a wearable collection with first off a conveyer belt.

Recently Skagen has been making up slim watches that are really graceful and affordable. They are set to available in four different styles and designs and it comes packed with a nice leather strap which might be swapped out with further other types of leather, silicone bands together with a steel mesh. You don’t want to charge the watch every night since it is designed in such a way that the whole package runs with a standard coin cell battery to power things. However, there is no word from the Skagen that how far the life of the battery will last.

Skagen Connected Hagen Watch 2

Apart from that Skagen has told us that the watch has fully analog face and will automatically adjust its time zone. The company is also going to release the Hagen Activity tracker along with the watch that lets you track your steps also water intake. However, the image of the activity tracker has not been yet shown by the company.

Furthermore, the Skagen Connected Hagen Watch controls the music as well as deliver email plus text notifications. To make you notice that you have received email or notification, the watch holds an inbuilt vibration motor that gives a buzz. Also, you will be able to customize the notification type you catch nudged nearby through the companion app which is the iOS then Android.

Skagen Connected Hagen Watch 3

The link technology of the Skagen’s will too allow you take photos, makes to ring your phone and even track the goals through the physical button that is placed on the side of the watch case. This simple standard watch has features like automatic date and time updates if you are moving by different time-zones, the facility to set up alarms in addition to the dual-time option.

The Skagen Hagen Connected smart analogue watch is set a price at $195 that is set to launch in September, whereas the activity tracker is set to launch at a price of $95 and said to lands in the month of October.

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