Here One are the new smart earbuds with augmented reality from Doppler Labs


The Augmented Reality concept in Technology is taking a fast movement ahead, giving the users of various technology gadgets a feeling of getting more closer to the real world. Recently, a lot of work is being done in this direction especially in the audio enhancement segments.

Doppler Labs is now taking the concept further with its new its new smart earbuds called as Here One. This tiny package packs small wonderful chipsets thereby altering the real-world audio in the real-time. The Here One earbuds come with adaptive noise filters coupled with the functionality of Bluetooth streaming from a paired smartphone, which is a rare feature in most of the wireless earbuds available today in the market.


Filter and frequency adjustments

These Here One earbuds lets users to zero in the human voices allowing users to neglect external sounds and disruptions when they are listening to their favourite piece of music. However, the good thing about Here One is that is allows you to combine the Bluetooth and the AR mode. This means that when you are listening to your favourite album while jogging, you can still amplify the sound in your surrounding letting you know if a car is speeding besides you.


Additionally, the Here One smart earbuds lets you create your own “personalised listening profile” giving a more improved audio experience. In words of Doppler Labs CEO/founder Noah Kraft it is “a snap shot of each of your ears and then [calibrating] the baselines settings of the device to account for the unique preferences and needs of your ears.” Kraft says that the Here One earbuds carry a multi-CPU, multi-microphone architecture.

If you like this earbuds and its new Bluetooth functionality, you can now pre-order the earbuds for a price of $299. The smart earbuds will be available later this year in November.

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