The best stylish Windows phone – NUANS NEO WINDOWS PHONE

The Microsoft has launched the phone on July 1, 2016, the Nuans Neo Windows Phone. Yes, it’s a Window Phone. However as an alternative of attempting to ape which the Android crew was doing, the Nuans Neo Windows Phone is a unique and innovative blend of both ease and functionality.

The Nuans Neo Windows Phone was initially debuted in Japan early this year; also it is pretty exclusive for a Windows phone. The structural design having round sides and flat smooth ends which look similar like a little iPod.

The Neo holds the chunky 11.3mm-thick frame by incorporating nearly 64 different interchangeable back plate snap-on covers that consist of stuff like wood plus ultra suede. Furthermore, it allows offering you stunning a combination flip case as well as the stand. The extra facility that affords by this sensible design is that the battery runs for two days on a single charge. The screen is of 5 inches, a 720p display.


The camera resolution is 13 megapixels for the primary camera and the secondary front end camera is 5 megapixels. Coming to Ram it has 2GG and a USB C port connector. For additional storage, it also provides Micro SD storage expandable up to 16GB. The Processor used in this Nuans Neo Windows Phone is the Qualcomm octa-core processor that is very much powerful enough to sustenance Windows 10’s Continuum feature that changes it to a pint-sized handy PC.

You can really style the NuAns Neo a phone that reveals one’s own personality plus chic. Simply like changing our clothes every day, we can also style the phone exterior based on the usability of the mobile and style you wish. The external panels are two distinct panels that are cleverly created and fashioned by means of diverse textures; flawlessly merging the outer surface to the body of mobile.

On top of changing panels, the two colored or two-toned case brings a slot for the purpose of keeping credit cards. Just you need to eliminate the back panel then insert the credit card in pouches or space provided.

The interesting part is that you design your own two tones, all you have to do is that download the 3D data for the TWO-TONE while you purchase the Nuans Neo Windows Phone and fashion your own perfect two tones back case! You can create for you as different from other people or gift them to your loved or closed ones!

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