Flexwarm is the new smart jacket that lets you control temperature through your smartphone

Today, most of the things around us are getting tagged with the new catchy word “smart”. And right from smartphones, gadgets and other hardware devices it seems that the smart functionality is finding a new home in the textile industry as well! Earlier tech giant Google has announced its off-beat project – “Project Jacquard” that aims at adding smart threads and strings in your textile making your clothes more interactive and responsive.

Projecting such a similar new concept, Flexwarm is the new smart jacket that is to hit the markets. The interesting thing about this jacket is that it lets users control the inner temperature through their smartphones accurately up to 1 degree. The Flexwarm smart jacket comes with dual sensors installed within it which automatically sets the temperature based on the user’s preferences.


The jacket comes with a “metallic slurry” that is fit within for producing the heat to create the warmth, through a power source. The heating element is fit between the insulated layers of ripstop nylon fabric, goose-down hybrid and light padding. The Flexwarm smart jacket is uniquely designed making it windproof, waterproof, offers tear-resistance and is even machine washable. This means that you can use it for daily routine regular purpose. Not only this, the jacket is very light and easily packable.

The built-in sensors within the jacket communicate with the smartphone over the Bluetooth communication protocol. Similarly, it can also be operated with tablets and smartwatches through the companion app available on both Android and iOS devices.

The adjustable temperature range within the jacket is hard-cooled ensuring proper safety and is capable enough to distribute heat up to 149 degree Fahrenheit or 65 degree Celsius. The jacket also has anti static properties to ensure better safety. The Flexwarm smart jacket offers one hour of continuous heating for each 1500mAh of battery capacity. The jacket also offers easily compatibility with USB power banks.

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The Flexwarm smart jacket is currently undergoing an Indiegogo campaign. You can pre-order the jacket now and get the benefits of various discount offers. The shipment are likely to start in September beginning.

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