Wrist watch

Imagine anwatch letting you know not to forget it which is connected to your mobile device. The exhibition that defines technology trends and showcases gadgets for the year ahead. Thisis highlights from 2016’s Consumer Electronics Show. Today the world is changing fast and growing up. There are lots of media and fitness gadgets around us like smart wathes. Which make us comfortable and dependent.Ahead of releasing their highly kickstarted health oriented smart watches, Pebble is looking to get a head start on its ecosystem of health and fitness apps.


The Happiness app is pretty self-explanatory. It’s meant to measure your mood and how happy you are throughout the day. Such kind of smart watches works on latest software. This is an artful object that collects, analyze and presents health data in a useful, approachable way. There is happiness app in today’s smart watches by using this app you can begin to map someone’s personality by how they feel throughout the day.


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