Milk & Cookies Shot

These chocolate chip cookie shot glasses make such a fun treat for both kids and adults. Various milk flavorsĀ  makes it delicious. Cookies are not hard to make. but it needs several hours in the freezer . Which it time consuming.The only process of removing glasses from the molds is difficult. Lots of research attempts to find the best milk & cookies shot. Which makes it better with the time.

It is pretty cheap. These cookies are sweet and the taste of milk make it delicious. We can get the process of making cookies easily in the magazine and newzpaper. Its ingredients is also cheap and easily available.

Kids like such kind of amazing food. Milk and Cookies shots are maked by hand using 100% organic flour, milk and Belgian chocolate. Each shot is formed, baked and wrapped with cochlate layer. Cookies are so much more delicate than other hard candy. The cookies are sugary and chewy and hold up the milk pretty well. There are different variety of cookies shots with the different taste and flavour.

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